Design a fully customized wall calendar that showcases your own images, logos and content. Printed and delivered to you within two weeks.

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Design Tool Guide

After selecting the date-pad template (English Canadian, French Canadian, American English) and order quantity - you are directed to customize your calendar.

Enclosed is an overview of the interactive design tools you will use.

Editing in the Side Bar

Tool Bar Functions

Control Bar Functions



You will want to choose the best quality photographs possible when uploading images for your calendar.  For full-page images the optimum resolution is 3400 x 2660 pixels and should be no less than 1630 x 1274 pixels.  800 x 600 pixels or less will be rejected by the system.

The lower the pixel count the greater the blurriness or pixelation.


When uploading a logo, vector graphics are preferred. (commonly EPS, PDF, AI)
Raster or Non-vector files may be acceptable, you will want to choose the highest resolution version of your logo possible.

PNG or GIF files on a transparent background will also work.

Logos may display with a white background – common with JPG’s and TIF’s. There are tools available for removing the white background from a logo or image.